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Drop your pants to halfway down to your knees and what do you have? Urban wear! Actually this is rather passe. Just when they started passing laws that prohibit men (boys) from wearing their pants so low to show their underwear, especially in high school a new fashion craze has hit the streets. The design came out of Los Angeles ghetto fashion and is rapidly being adopted by the underground fashion scene worldwide as being the most hip and the most hop of the hip hop.

If you don't mind shelling out $400 for a pair of jeans or you can get your rich sugar daddy or rich cougar to buy you a pair, simply go down on Hollywood Blvd. and snatch up a pair of the new three-in-one-pants. If you can't afford to part with 4 large and you can't get someone to buy them for you , then you can either make these yourself or get a cheap sewing person to make them for you in their time off from the sweatshops where they work.

Here is the construct. You need three pair of pants, preferably jeans, the ones that look cool when you wear them all by themselves. Pay careful attention to how cool they look for the top six inches of the pants because except for the last (lower) pair used in the construct that is all you will see. Let us explain. The concept is like a stack of plastic drinking glasses where one fits inside the other. You stack them up, one inside the other one and you have three glasses as one unit you can pick up with one hand.

If you look at the glasses sitting on the table from the top down you see a bit of the first one, a bit of the second one and the full glass of the third one. This is the same thing you do with the pants. You cut the first and second pair of pants down to the very top six inches, then you sew these two inside each other and the one that is the bottom pair that remains the full (uncut) pants. Then you have created the same stacked look of three pants inside of each other as you did with the drinking glasses. If you do this properly you will end up with a single pair of pants that looks like you are wearing three pairs.

The top one will be around your waist, the second one will be slightly lower, and the third one will be the full pants down about halfway to your knees (adjust height to your taste). The beauty of this method of new urban fashion is it looks like your pants are falling off, yet you have not exposed any underwear (unless of course you chose underwear as one of the pants layers).

You can proudly wear this new urban fashion anywhere you want, including to high school unless they make additional laws to ban layering of pants which would probably be unconstitutional. We wouldn't be surprised to see these layering technique in pants sewn together expand like the similar phenomena of single razor blades expanded to double razor blades expanded to triple razor blades which expanded to quadruple razor blades (all started by a joke advertisement on Saturday Night Live by the way). Four-in-one pants may be the next fashion trend. Anyone for five?
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Urban Wear Update

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This article was published on 2011/04/21