Pants that every woman should own

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Just like everything else in a woman's wardrobe, pants take up an entire section. The ugly part of this shelf in the cupboard is that it contains just one or two types of pants in either black or blue colour. But, do not worry, here is a guide that will tell you exactly what types of pants you must own to add some freshness to your wardrobe and style.


Leggings are a rage and it would be regrettable if you do not have one already. If you think that leggings are too body-hugging for your taste, you can opt for jeggings that are just like leggings but made with a thicker fabric. Besides, jeggings have more structure than what leggings do. You could pair leggings with boots or a knee-grazing coat and you'll release a vibe of amazing fashion sense without really showing a lot of your body's shape.

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are quite popular today and that is purely for their unique style. These pants are long trousers with extremely wide leg that appears like a skirt when you stand still and sway with your movements when you walk. These are so much in fashion that they seem like they are here to stay.

Rugged Pants

Rugged pants comprise khakis, cords and cargos. These usually come to use when you have planned for a trip in the wilderness. But, let us tell you, for the comfort they give, you can wear them wherever you go. In fact, if your workplace is liberal in terms of clothing, you could wear them to work as well.

Bright or Bold coloured Pants

Pants of bright, bold colours are all around and they are because of a reason; they put the person wearing them apart from the rest of the crowd; and, is that not what we want? To guarantee that you make a fashion statement, hang a pair of coloured pants in your wardrobe. Pairing them up with black pumps will do you just fine to give out a vibrant appearance.

Cocktail-party pants

These pants may not seem like all the women can wear it, but the good news is just look so. All you women out there will be able to carry it off just fine. With the winter setting in, you do not have to really worry about wearing a skirt and feeling cold because if you have cocktail-pants, you will just work through the chills in style.

Boyfriend Jeans

Ever wanted to wear something as comfortable as the jeans that your boyfriend wears? All you need to do the next time you shop for new jeans is pick one that is slightly more lose than your old jeans and there you have it, a pair of fashionable and comfortable jeans in your wardrobe.

Office trousers

While this will be an easily available pair of pant in your wardrobe, a lot of women do not have it. Here is something that all the women who do not have office trouser with them: do not underestimate the power of slim-fit, ankle-length pants. They do a lot to help you pull off a fashionable style statement.

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Pants that every woman should own

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This article was published on 2013/11/28